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Affiliate Marketing Ideas for Creatives

Affiliate Marketing

The beginning journey for creatives can be quite intimidating and not that lucrative.

Fortunately, there are online retailers, software brands, and industry gear brands that offer

Affiliate marketing” programs.

Affiliate Marketing programs are when online retailers/brands use a “third party” external source (the creative), to earn a percentage of commission sales, from affiliate links, and or referrals. This is a great source if you are low on cash and are still gaining your stripes in the creative industry.

Here are a list and description of top brands to benefit from their affiliate marketing programs.

Lets start with the creative top dog: Adobe Studios.

You may be familiar with their programs Photoshop Lightroom, and Video Editing software Premiere Pro.

Adobe has a straight-forward affiliate program where they will pay commission sales to creatives/brands that promote Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Stock, and Adobe Document Cloud.

“It’s Free, Easy, and it Pays.” Adobe wants creatives to push their creative space software, the more users a creator invites to their creative spaces the more commission the creator earns. Also with Creative Cloud users have access to “the world’s best creative apps: including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.”

DJI Affiliate program

If you are an action sports creator, or strictly drone videography creator then the DJI affiliate program might be your next project. If you get someone to buy a $ 1,000 drone from your affiliate link. You will earn 5% of that sale ($50). Not a big mark up, but some drone videographers have successful YouTube followings in the 1000 + follower range. Those $50 commission sales earnings could accumulate a pretty penny if you market the correct DJI drone affiliate link.

DJI is not limited to drone videography/photography. DJI is a retailer of the modern 360 camera, Oslo Pocket 3, that so many creators use to get an extremely wide shot for vlogging and other types of content.

The final online retailer on our list is B&H Photo.

If you have googled any type of camera equipment, without a doubt you have ran into that acronym. Photographers and Videographers prefer to use a retailer like B&H Photo because the source of the products is from the distributor (B&H) and not a third party (more risky) retailer.

Basically if your creative process, brand, or online company uses camera gear, computers, electronics, accessories, etc. Drop a B&H Photo affiliate link on your next video, vlog, or article, and watch your commission sales go up by 2-8% from direct affiliate links clicks from potential buyers.

For further affiliate program information for B&H Photo affiliate market programs, click:

Written by: Lucas Velazquez


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