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New Year, New Challenges for Visual Story Tellers

Creative Reality Check 

The creative industry’s economy has certain waves of profitable months, and drools of low earnings. With time, most creatives have found the formula to prepare for times of economic uncertainty, utilizing a “hibernation” method. Obtain as much retainer clients as possible, shoot as much of their content as possible. When the economy dies down, (which it will for 1-2 months after the holidays usually) you will have plenty of content to edit and get you through that 2 month down period.

Most think the creative field is sunshine and rainbows, but in fact there are an array of entrepreneurial struggles and adversity. Furthermore most creatives being unilaterally focused in one trade like photography or graphic design. They will most unfortunately lack in other areas like: marketing, public relations, writing, and or any other scope of entrepreneurial focus. 

With all this creative adversity, how can anyone get ahead of the game? 

Is there any type of silver lining that comes with this competitive creative world?

New Grounds, New Risks, New Rewards

The technological boom of the 21st century has brought many new opportunities for new creatives to take risks in their preferred field. With these risks, can either come new lessons for the rest of the pack to examine, and or new rewards for the brave leaders.

Every one is on a level playing field, which is no secret, hence the modern boom of content creators. For perspectives sake, to keep our fellow creatives in high spirits, it means the odds are technically in your favor If everyone starts from ground zero. Basically your progress and accomplishments, rely on your efforts, which is the true entrepreneurial foundation.

Take an example like Mr. Beast, an independent content creator, that produces social media videos at a feature film fiscal scale. Modern day, Beastie is on a well building campaign in Africa to supply clean drinking water to communities in need. He is building a Rockefeller, Hearst, type of entrepreneurial foundation. Creators like Mr. Beast are testimony that this creative world favors people who take risks.

What is the saying?… Luck favors the bold…

Find the oncoming adversity, identify it, prepare for the lows and hunker down. It’s simple advice but it will get through the tough times. Don’t be discouraged by the big world of Social Media, and the grind that is Entrepreneurship. Instead focus and study the ones that came before, so you can follow in their lucrative footsteps. With time and consistency, the rewards could be present themselves with ease.

Written by: Lucas Velazquez


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