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The Great Beyond… Instagram Algorithm

What is the ‘Instagram algorithm’?

The reality of being a creative is having talent and vision might be only one part of the equation that is success. This new wave of social media economies requires a little bit of luck, and for good measure some strategic planning.

What is this ‘Instagram’s algorithm’? This deep realm of saturated constant flow, and somehow Instagram found rhyme and reason in the chaos…

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

In plain English, it is the examination between content posted from creators, to viewer’s behavior/interests on the platform, to facilitate the best user experience.

How does Instagram’s algorithm effect content creators? The reality is there are key elements that can make or break your success as a creator in this great beyond we know as ‘the Instagram Algorithm.’

Instagram may feel like a hobby to most, but if your goal is to start the next big brand, or be the next big influencer, it would be prudent to direct the content to cater the Instagram algorithm. In result, expand the reach to a potentially bigger audience, in turn making more profits and influence.

Here we have dissected our Cre47ives most valuable Instagram Algorithm techniques that we use consistently to find success with our content.

Instagram Algorithm Easter Eggs

  • Does your content acclimate to the trending topics circulating Instagrams explore feed? If you answer’d this question with No, then ask yourself this… How can I gear my content to fall into place with the most viral content?

  • There is no simple answer to this question, but there are things that can elevate your content in order to acclimate more to Instagram’s algorithm.

Content Engagement
  • Do you find your audience members commenting/ sharing your content? If you answer’d no, then you might need to change your approach.

  • Instagram will feed your audience more of your up to date content if it sees users interacting with your posts, ie: DM’s, post comments, sharing, etc. Common sense, Instagram is only likely to give attention and priority to content that excites the users of Instagram.

  • There are countless techniques to build the growth of your reach on Instagram, collaborating with other creators and or brands will allow your reach to expand by the volume of their own. Common sense, more market audience, more chance of growth and exposure.

  • Scrolling on Instagram can become a mundane process, fortunately this new wave of content creators has boomed a wave of education content market. Not only our education videos sought after from Instagram users, Instagram pushes this kind of content more than the regular exciting hype video.

  • Videos perform better when they can grab your audience immediately. Whether it be audio risers that cause excitement, aggressive close up subject shots. Whatever it is, make sure it is in the beginning of your video, and make sure it hooks your audience for the rest of the content.

By: Lucas Velazquez


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