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New Years Right Around the Corner

Creative Goals

Christmas brought many a grand holiday spirit, we relished in the time spent with family and friends. With the holiday season passing, there comes a low for some where they find an empty void. This grey space, leaves most yearning for some kind of outlet… We all know the New Year cliche…

The Dreaded New Year’s Resolution… or maybe something else?

Why convince the reader to find a heathy diet or come up with some elaborate plan to change into a different person inspired by mass need for self-validation? Here at Cre47ives, we utilize a more practical and inspirational approach. We understand that the core of all creatives is a need to reach harmony in themselves through art. At least at the core…

The internet is crawling with talented people, gender neutral, an oasis of artists divulging craft near and dear to their hearts. Artists like Russ, Billie Eillish, Kali Uchis, have inspired the independent artist to rise! Social Media platforms, have paved the creative sharing space for these artists. Maybe the New Year will allow other independent artists to find their creative genius, so the anticipatory listener, can enjoy more years of art to come…

This piece isn’t meant to divulge some key information to unleash your creativity. Rather it’s a piece of perspective in this tiny corner of the universe we call the internet. Here at Cre47ives, we don’t supplement passion and motivation, but we definitely understand an honest source of good story telling. If we can be story tellers then you can to…

“Why couldn’t you tell that story you have been thinking of for years?” 

“The opportunity is waiting for you to try.” 

“You probably are exactly the person that can execute the vision.” 

Further it… What is that story you haven’t told? That story you know is calling you. That story you have told yourself over and over again, the one you know you can tell without any notes. 

I don’t have the special ingredient to making a person successful. What I can do, is guarantee that every single person reading this article has a story they really want to tell. There is no correct method for artistic expression, but let 2024 push you in the right direction. 

Ignore the rules of a traditional New Year resolution, don’t get wrapped up in goals and tracking. Instead focus on what is in your heart. Drop that hit song, shoot that directorial debut, paint that masterpiece, tell the story that is in your heart. Final Message to the reader, Be kind to yourself, the internet is full of haters. Don’t let them discourage you, you deserve a chance to be brave and enjoy art.

Written by: Lucas Velazquez


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