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The 5 Stages of Video Production & How Our Company Uses Them

Welcome to the heart of creativity, where concepts are transformed into reality! 

In this blog post, we’ll walk through the 5 stages of video production - strategy & development, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution. Although the 5 stages maintain their distinct and unique characteristics, they are interconnected and function as one cohesive process. 

Strategy & Development: Setting up the Foundation

At the beginning of every project, we have found that strategy and development lay the groundwork for success. During this phase, all project goals and objectives are defined. 

In order to define these goals, we work closely with the client to answer these questions: 

  • What would you like to accomplish with this project?

  • Who is your target audience?

  • What tone & style would best resonate with your targeted audience?

  • Are there any specific visual elements & aesthetics you have in mind?

  • Budget & timeline 

  • Your video distribution plan 

This clarity sets the direction for the entire multimedia project, ensuring that every subsequent design aligns with the overarching goal. 

Don’t have the answers just yet? Don’t worry, we will work through it together. 

Pre-Production: Creating The Blueprint 

After laying out the foundation, assessing the ROI, and allocating resources, it is time to create the blueprint. 

The pre-production stage is where plans materialize to ensure a smooth production process. This stage includes scriptwriting and storyboarding, all to maintain a cohesive storyline. Casting decisions are made, locations are identified, and efficient workflows are established.


It is a creative collaboration between all team members & the client. 

After all our team members have come together & have crafted all the necessary elements for a smooth production process, we then create a media plan for the client. This allows the client to be involved in the creative process through every stage of the project.

Production: Lights, Camera, Action

The production stage is where the planned vision transforms into reality. 

The media equipment is packed and ready, the team knows their roles of the shoot, and the lighting and props are arranged to enhance the overall aesthetic. It’s go time! 

Similar to the other stages, each team member plays a crucial role in bringing the creative vision to life during this stage. Everyone is closely working together, as one piece of the puzzle, to ensure every angle & perspective is covered, the lighting is complementing the visual style and mood, and the audio levels are monitored for quality and consistency. 

Post-Production: Crafting the Narrative

Now, to the most crucial stage. Where the story is refined and the magic happens.

During this stage, the editing team works on refining the raw footage and transforming it into a polished & engaging final product. So, what does this exactly look like? 

The raw footage is assembled and organized to achieve the desired flow. Colorists enhance the visual appeal through color correction and grading. And perhaps most importantly, sound design & music is implemented to set the mood and tone, allowing the audience to have an emotional connection to the video.

Distribution: Sharing Your Companies’ Story

Luckily, the audience, distribution channels, and video formatting have already been identified in the very first stage, so half the work is done. 

The next step is taking your distribution and marketing strategy and making sure it is all implemented to ensure that the video has maximum reach. Don’t worry, we are here to help with this part of the process as well. We have outlined 5 ways to repurpose your content to make sure you’re getting the most out of your video in this blog post

Now, it’s time for the fun part! It’s time to share it with all your people & finally accomplish what you set out to do with our very first question: “What would you like to accomplish with this project?”

Whatever the answer may be, we are here to bring your vision to life - every step of the way!


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